Tidy Nigeria ..creating a zero-waste Nigeria one community at a time.

Tidy Nigeria is our Community Advocacy Program (CAP) that helps local communities adapt well to challenges and impacts of climate change affecting their health and immediate environment. This helps to create a healthier, cleaner and improved environment where communities are rid of pollution.

Tidy Nigeria engages local communities build resilience to the effect of climate change through our Experiential Advocacy brand. We achieve this through our quarterly community clean-up programs where we teach, train, and trade sustainability.

Community members are taught about the effects of human activities on land pollution, air pollution and water pollution, while also emphasizing on how this leads to environmental degradation. They are shown the impacts of natural disasters and human inflicted disasters on economic, political and environmental and trained to impact change in their communities through our Skills Acquisition Training Program.

This includes skills in Upcycling, Recycling, Gardening, Tailoring, Arts and Craft. Skills trained are peculiar to communities we work with.

After each clean up, we engage communities on how to convert their waste items into useful merchandise such as pet bottle seats/ottoman, spoontastic mirrors, upcycled planters, tyre ottomans, tyre settee, tyre tables, storage boxes, etc. Which are sold in a community bazaar, and sales are used to build recycling stations for sustainability purposes.

So far, we have conducted clean-up activities in over 50 communities across Nigeria, some of our major projects being the Lagos State Lagoon front Clean Up in Akoka Lagos Nigeria and Beach cleanup at Magbon Alade in Lekki Lagos Nigeria.

To create a better society, we have to build a cleaner and safer environment where people and industries can thrive.