• Celebrating Our Workers on Worker’s Day 2023

    Celebrating Our Workers on Worker’s Day 2023 On this special occasion of Workers’ Day, we take a moment to honor and acknowledge the tremendous contributions of workers like you who drive the wheels of progress and make societies thrive. Today, we celebrate your rights, your role, and the collective power

  • Going green as an individual is a smart way to contribute to making a change to improve the environment.

    We’ve seen several cases of climate activists at home and abroad trying so hard to make a difference in the world using their resources and voices toward climate action. These actions and many more if reciprocated by every individual would bring about a pivotal change in the environment today. As


  • FABE Virtual Summit on Climate Action on Earth Day 2020

    FABE VIRTUAL SUMMIT FOR EARTH DAY 2020 We are pleased to announce FABE Virtual Summit for Earth Day 2020. Earth Day is celebrated April 22 of every year and this year, Earth Day will mark 50 years of global action. This is the first time this is happening globally because

  • Ten Steps to Living Zero Waste

    I will be sharing some tips on how to start where you are! Like I mentioned in my previous post, you can make that difference throughout the world when you make small eco friendly changes in your everyday lifestyle.. We only need to know we are progressing and achieving results,


    HEALTHY EATING IS LIVING GREEN!!! Healthy eating is a major factor that contributes to healthy living. We are a product of what we eat, as such, the food we eat goes a long way in determining our state of health, our mental well-being and general body fitness, in adults and