Tidy Nigeria

Creating a zero-waste Nigeria one community at a time.


Environmental sustainability awareness through education and hands-on workshops in schools.


Our creative vocational/skills acquisition training programs.


Global Action Days - Celebrating global action days with the global community.

Our Mission

To promote and improve environmental sustainability, consciousness, and attitudinal change by engaging young people, particularly women in the identification, exploration, and facilitation of sustainable eco-solutions to the problems caused by the impacts of climate change and pollution, affecting the health and environment of biodiversity in Nigeria and Africa through experiential advocacy, education, and creative climate-smart innovations.


To keep Nigeria Clean

For a Better Tomorrow

Tidy Nigeria is our Community Advocacy Program (CAP) that helps local communities adapt well to the challenges and impacts of climate change affecting their health and immediate environment. This helps to create a healthier, cleaner, and improved environment where communities are rid of pollution.  “Tidy Nigeria” engages local communities to build resilience to the effect of climate change through our “Experiential Advocacy” brand. We achieve this through our quarterly community cleanup programs where we teach, train, and trade sustainability.


To Educate Our Children

For a Better Tomorrow

Ecoschools Nigeria promotes environmental sustainability awareness through education and hands-on workshops in schools. It is an annual school program that helps rural low-cost schools embed the principles of environmental sustainability as an integral part of school life using a set of simple instructional structures that will address environmental issues such as pollution from greenhouse gases and waste, enhance school’s curriculum, save money and improve school environment.



Monthly Events

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N 25, 000, 000.  TO GO

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In collaboration with ACT Foundation, we are working assiduously to train 50000 secondary school pupils and people living around schools in the art and craft of gardening.  Participants will be involved in recycling, upcycling, and reusing in the building of beautiful gardens in participating schools and their surroundings.

N 42, 500, 000.  TO GO

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The TidyNigeria project sponsored by the Coca-Cola Foundation aims to reduce the number of plastics that end up in the Ocean by at least 50%. Our recycling hubs encourage community members to recycle by giving Recycle Reward in exchange for recyclables.




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The FABE International Foundation Student Industrial Training (SIT) and Summer Internship Programme (SIP) are designed to empower, educate, and provide Nigerian students in higher institutions with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. Through engaging workshops and projects, interns will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to compost, recycle, garden sustainably, and upcycle materials, while also fostering a deep understanding of the importance of environmental conservation.

We use the support of more than 250 Active Volunteers and 1 million activists
to clean the air and safe Waterways



Projects Realized

$ 150,000

Projects Realized


Trees Planted


Students Trained

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