Ten Steps to Living Zero Waste

I will be sharing some tips on how to start where you are!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, you can make that difference throughout the world when you make small eco friendly changes in your everyday lifestyle..

We only need to know we are progressing and achieving results, and of course always record it. We are building a collection of #ecoambassadors for God’s gallery. Therefore we must celebrate our successes.
See some of the world’s 🌍 greatest problems may seem impossible to solve but we can solve them, not by doing big things but little..
First Step

👣 Turn off the taps 👣

Never let it run when not in use.

There are billions of people without access to clean water and sanitation, a human right many of us take for granted.

Water should never be wasted or polluted but rather be #reducereuserecycle.

One thing I do every day is to take at least 8 cups of water which I always default. But on the flip side of reality, it is a privilege abused because almost 700 million people in the world don’t have access to clean water and millions die each year due to dirty water of which 40% are children.

We hardly ever think about the privilege of having water to drink, yet we waste this precious resource.

It’s not just about water, but the fact that many women still travel long distances to fetch water in very big buckets is alarming. The opportunities lost for education or personal development.

Please what time will they have to study or self develop after that kind of rigorous hard work?

Water is about getting girls to school, no girl should be at home because of water borne disease or lack of adequate sanitation that 💦 takes care of.
Water should be about good health, about quality education, about no poverty and adequate sanitation.

Efforts to make sure communities have access to water should be “top of the mind” and every way we waste water should 🛑 stop ✋
Since I got a hold of this info, I honestly take my time and reflect on the flip side of reality.

So you will hear me say finish the water in the glass before taking another, because your brother and sister in another country don’t have such privileges.

#CleanWater #ZeroWaste #mymillionactsofgreen 👉📬.

By Temitope Okunnu

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